4G Internet Buyers Guide

4G Internet are owned by National Broadband

Features at a glance

  • It's 4G

  • You have a contract

  • Use it however much you like

Details last checked on 2020-11-13

Customer Reviews

Sometimes the best way to get a feel for a broadband provider is to read what those who are already customers think of the service they're receiving. Below are all the reviews we've received for 4G Internet.

Customer Ratings Summary

There have not yet been any ratings for this provider.

There are not yet any customer reviews.

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How 4G Internet Compares

There have not yet been enough ratings to allow fair comparison with other providers.

Ratings are left by users of our speed test as well as by reviewers. Recent star ratings summarise the last 12 months of ratings or the last 100 placed, whichever is largest.

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